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Penetration Testing

Security Through Awareness

Do you know if you're secure? Penacity will ensure that your systems, people, and technology are up to date both in training and in technological protections. There is only one way to be sure: test your security posture.

Technology Integration

Your Technology, Tomorrow's Solution

Your organization is constantly adapting and evolving. Allow Penacity to guide and develop the transition from today’s technology to tomorrow's solutions. Whether that is an entire system revamp, cloud migration, or new security project, Penacity has you covered


Translating Techspeak

Finding and translating niche job requirements can be challenging. Buzzwords, technobabble, and engineers better suited to code than a detailed conversation are but a few of the challenges for the seasoned HR recruiter. This is even more troubling for a small-to-medium sized firm.
Let your tech people do tech, and leave the translation and vetting of candidates to us. 

Penetration Testing

Security Through Awareness

Penetration testing is more than ensuring your systems are secure. They are an insurance policy against the question of "Could you have done more?" Answer the questions before critical systems are affected by testing and retesting to ensure that the vendors who said they have secure products on your network actually secure. It’s your business and your reputation, and your organization deserves to know how secure they really are

Penacity offers cutting-edge techniques and tactics to test your security. Whether a small-scale test of a new product or a full on cyber-attack, we are able to scale our test to meet your needs and specific concerns.  Scenario-based, real-world tested, and applied by professionals with decades of experience.

Testing Structure Options: 

Single Engagement Test: 

Most commonly done for audits or new system roll outs, a one-time test is designed to meet specific requirements over the short term. A new technology, new technology team, or perhaps a reassurance for a new CISO.  

Subscription Based Testing: 

Slow and deliberate, this test spreads out the Penetration Test across the length of the subscription. Each stage may take a month or more to complete and report back to the client, Footprinting, basic phishing, web app testing and an ever increasing attack. This is the constant test for long term sustainable security. A continuous improvement process of testing, updating and adaptation and retesting. This is the most cost-effective solution for long term projects or threats.

Technical Penetration Testing: 

The most traditional approach, this is a technical approach to your systems. Patching, platform integration, and system configuration are all critical the overall health of your system. This type of test ensures your technical approaches are sound and secure. 

Social Engineering: 

Most breaches don’t happen because your technology is out of date, the root cause lies within the human factor being exploited. The hardest aspect to secure is the user. This is the test we provide. Everything from a simple email scam sent through your system to test both the user and your network process for dealing with an attack to a full-blown targeted campaign can be selected.

Full Spectrum Test: 

For clients who need to know they can withstand a cyber-attack on a large scale., this test encompasses a highly technical and tailored approach to your specific organization. Utilizing all of our combined methods and techniques to gain access or deny service, this test is the ultimate insurance against Cyber Attacks. 

Technical Penetration Testing

Traditional Technical Approaches, Innovative Techniques, Applied Security
Perimeter Testing
Cyber Locks on the Doors

A perimeter test is often the first step. What can the adversary do? What can they learn?  What can they access? 

Web  App Pentesting
Your customers have access. But who else?

Your apps are your lifeblood. They have to work, and they have to deliver. But what happens if they are attacked? More than a breach of data can happen: the apps can be knocked off line, and time lost is money lost. We can test these systems to ensure you are always up, and always delivery the services that clients depend on.

Internal Network Testing
The threat is inside, how much can they do?

A disgruntled employee, a mistaken download, a contractor who misconfigured a HVAC system. There are a million ways an insider can get on your network, but once inside, how secure are you? What can they compromise, destroy, or lock your users out of? Let us find out before it happens. 

Black Box Test
The criminal mind at work

The reality test. This is a full-fledged test where you tell us simply the company name and we take it from there. Perimeter, Web Apps, Social Engineering, and interior tests to exfiltrate data are on the table. This is the ultimate test of your security posture. Are you ready?

Social Engineering

Securing the Human Factor
Basic Phishing
The Nigerian Prince 

The most basic test, a classic money or contact scam. This is often the first stage of a phishing attempt. 

Targeted Phishing
Researched and Targeted

Sophisticated attackers will target your company or organization with specialized research and attacks. This is of particular concern to large organizations, emails, phone calls or physical appearance could be involved.

Spear Phishing
We know who you are - and your important

Advanced adversaries will target your corporate leadership as well as lower level-employees. This could be posing as a friend, co-worker or possible business contact. All of these can lead to attacker access. 

Full Spectrum 
All the means at our disposal

The final test, a full attempt using all means our social engineers can conceive. Everything from phone calls and personal appearances to mailed materials and social media contacts to your employees. This is the test reserved for the hardest of targets.

Technology Integration

Your Technology, Tomorrow's Solution

Penacity specializes in updating, integrating and building your technology. We enable you to make the transition from today's problems to tomorrow's solutions. Allow Penacity to bridge your knowledge of operations with our knowledge of Integration. 

Integration Core Competency

Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud sounds simple, until you need to maintain uptime during the transition, back up systems, and learn the intricacies of the cloud provider. Penacity specializes in cloud operations and has made the successful transition for clients around the world. We have used all major cloud providers and learned the nuances of their systems, terminologies, and technologies. Whether a full migration or simply consulting to sort out what is the best resources to choose, Penacity has been there for its clients to ensure a flawless transition.

Cyber Security

Who better to secure your network than those who can break into it? Many companies offer Cyber Security services, but most focus from a defensive perspective alone. At Penacity we believe that a good offense is the best defense, and so specialize on bringing the offensive mindset to your corporate defense.

App Integration and Migration

New technologies can be a challenge to integrate into your existing infrastructure whether cloud or locally based. Penacity has the expertise to assist you in linking your products to your customers and deploying new technologies swiftly, cleanly and most importantly, securely.

Governance Integration

Not all organizations require full-time security staff, but all organizations need security and governance. Penacity consulting services are the answer to an organization that needs that expert assistance in drafting, testing and evaluating its governance strategy. Whether coming up with the latest in Information Assurance policy or training for the work force Penacity has provided its expertise to successful organizations around the country. You don't need full time staff for full time security.

Recruitment Services

Translating Techspeak

It can be challenging to find the right candidate, especially in the cutting-edge fields such as Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. Penacity not only has a large network of professionals to reach out to, but also the technical knowledge to speak the same language and determine if the candidates are truly what you need. 

More than Buzzwords, Technobabble or certifications, Penacity can speak to the heart of your technical requirements and vet your candidates before they ever step into your office for the interview. No need to scan hundreds of resumes trying to determine who has what it takes, Penacity has the contacts, knowledge and experience to send you only the candidates that can perform for your organization

Fee Based

One price for all the resume'

For a set rate, you receive all candidates that are interested in your position. We vett them for minimal qualifications but the customers will do the heavy lifting of sorting and determining who will make the grade for the first interviews

Percentage based

Right candidate, vetted and ready

A small percentage pass through of the candidate’s salary,so you pay only if you hire one of our candidates and they remain in the position for 90 days. We do the heavy lifting of sorting resumes, conducting initial interviews and vetting to give you only the most motivated candidates. We assume the upfront labor and risk, you get the best of the best

Contract to Hire

Contracted , tested, assured.

Sometimes you need a test drive before you make the plunge. Contract to hire allows Penacity to select, hire and staff the position. If everyone is happy and you decide we found the perfect fit, they become your employee. If not, no harm no foul for you.