Full Spectrum Support for Mission Partners

Government Cyber Support

Partners for the Cyber Force

Penacity offers a unique base of knowledge from which to draw. Fluid and dynamic from our operational experience, we employ a veteran work force who have a strong passion to continue to serve. We provide the connection from government operational experience and commercial innovation.

Core Capabilities

Fluid, Dynamic, Full Spectrum

Beyond the basics, integrated technologies and tactics based on both the human and technology aspects, Penacity brings you the access and thinking normally reserved for the adversary.

Company Background

Service Disabled, Veteran Owned.

From cyber operations to technology integration and cloud migrations, Penacity has the experience to support our mission partners around the globe.

NAIS Codes

No Work Too Small, No Mission Too Challenging

We service a wide range of NAIS codes and requirements.

Government Cyber Support

Partners for the Cyber Force

Mission Partners: We do not view the government as only a customer, but as a mission partner. A partner in our success but more importantly in the success of the nation.  

Penacity draws on decades of experience in a wide range of technologies and operational constructs from the DOD to corporate environments. With a culture of integrity and development, Penacity is able to support and enhance the cyber mission. Whether in cyber operational fields or intelligence support, the professionals at Penacity can easily integrate to any existing team to enhance their service. 

Teaming: Penacity is uniquely positioned with the technical expertise to join with a contract team to fill niche billets with key personnel otherwise not easily recruited, trained, and retained. Allow Penacity to complete your team to accomplish the mission. 

Core Capabilities

Fluid, Dynamic, Full Spectrum

DUNS: 080192788 | CAGE 7N6Z3

Penacity, LLC provides strategic consulting technology services and Information Security Services to commercial and government organizations. Penacity was founded on the principle that through security testing of humans and machines, we can enable customers to maintain the highest security posture while protecting the most sensitive information.

As a Veteran Owned Small Business with VA VOSB certification, Penacity is committed to excellence and creating innovative and cutting-edge security solutions for our state and federal clients.

What sets Penacity apart from the competition?

• Industry Certified Security Professionals

• Full-Spectrum Cyber Experience in the Intelligence Community

• Performance-Based Processes

• Interactive Client Relationship Management

• Strategic Mix of Technology and Business Process

Core Capabilities

Our security professionals are industry-certified and have many years of hands-on experience within the Intelligence Community:

• Social Engineering

• Cyber Threat Analysis

• Penetration Testing

• Cyber Technology Integration

Social Engineering (SE)

Our social engineering services focus not only on the technology aspect of social engineering, but also on the human factor. We perform a detailed investigation with open source resources to obtain detailed information on our targets prior to engagement.

• Open Source Intelligence Gathering

• Spear Phishing

• Security Awareness through Education

Cyber Threat Analysis (STA)

Our Cyber Threat Analysis focuses on the human factor in organizations. Insider threat can destroy a business or the integrity of a government agency. Our practice will look at external factors via open sources using state of the art forensics to uncover indicators of insider threat.

• Background Investigations

• Computer or Service Based Forensics

• Discreet application of SE techniques with our PT services

• Provide Early Warning to potential insider threats

Penetration Testing (PT)

In our World Class Penetration Testing, we conduct actual exploitation of potential vulnerabilities to assess their true threat to the organization. We take our real world tactical cyber expertise and apply them to problems in industry where many companies have limited access to the tradecraft of the adversary.

• Adherence to the Common Vulnerability & Exposures (CVE) Framework

• Develop and integrate cutting-edge exploitation techniques

• Remediation and expert advice on how to mitigate risk

Cyber Technology Integration (CTI)

Experts in building discreet and hidden infrastructure worldwide to meet the unique and emerging requirements of our mission partners. We conduct testing and threat emulation of advanced adversary tactics. Creating unique and novel solutions from the ground up by combining computer and electrical engineering to meet emerging mission partner demands. 

• Electrical Engineering

• Fabrication

• Programming

• Emplacement

Federal Certification

• VA – Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB)

Company Background

Service Disabled, Veteran Owned.

Founded in Maryland in the heart of the cyber enterprise, Penacity saw that there was a gap to bridge between the federal government and commercial sector experience. Penacity was created to bring the innovative, cost-effective strategies and customer-centered drive to the government sector. Penacity brings decades of cyber cperations experience gained through its principle experience with the DOD Cyber Mission Force both within the scope of providing superb contracted services as well as military experience within the Cyber Force.

Culture:  Penacity was built on the principles of integrity, work ethic, and being an honest broker of information and evaluations.  Perhaps most importantly, developing our people is a core cultural tenant. 

Integrity:  Doing the right thing is more than a slogan; action on a daily basis in all things, large or small, is key.  

Work Ethic:  Outperform, outproduce and do so at a high level of quality. We achieve this because we hire only the highest caliber of talent. Penacity cyber operators and professionals have proven themselves in their field both in the commercial sector as well as at the national level. We support them to increase their abilities with continuing education, training, and additional opportunities for advancement or contribution. 

Honest Evaluation:  We will always give the mission partner the information they need to succeed because their success is our success. That means not overselling an ability, timeline or budget beyond what we know we can produce. You can trust our counsel will be accurate and within our scope of capabilities.

Development:  Our human capital is far more valuable than any other resource. We provide an environment where our people are constantly challenged to improve themselves academically, technically, and to broaden their skills. Penacity prides itself on the ability to craft and develop its personnel from entry-level to masters of their craft. Penacity does this through integrated training, vendors, and at no cost to our mission partners. 



No Work to Small, No Mission to Challenging

541519        -        Other Computer Related Services  --  Primary

517919        -        All Other Telecommunications

518210        -        Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services

541330        -        Engineering Services

541511         -        Custom Computer Programming Services

541512         -        Computer System Design Services

541513         -        Computer Facilities Management Services

541611         -        Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

541618        -        Other Management Consulting Services

611420        -        Computer Training

611519         -        Other Technical and Trade Schools