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Full Spectrum Cyber Security

Social Engineering 

Testing the Human Asset

Our Social Engineering program tests, trains, and enables the most dynamic, and important part of your network:  the users. The Human cannot be patched, but they can be taught to detect and avoid the social attack. Phishing, Spear Phishing, false links, and physical access are all critical threats to your business.
Harden the Human Element. 

Penetration Testing

Security Through Awareness

Penetration testing is the only true answer to the question, "Are we secure?". An insurance policy to all the security procedures your organization has been implemented. Can you say you have done all you can to secure your network? Would you stake your career on an untested system? We wouldn't. Be sure of your security posture. 

Government Services

Serving the Nation

Penacity was founded by military and government veterans, men and women who have served and continue to serve our nation. We are always striving to stay in the Cyber fight, and win the Cyber battles of the future.

Cyber Development

Invention, Integration, Creation

With technological innovation, integration and deployment, we are developing cutting-edge tools, processes and software for the Cyber environment. No problem too small, no technology to0 challenging. 

Translate the Technical Speak

Recruitment Services designed for handing vetted candidates to your HR department.

Recruiting Services

Hiring talented Cyber professionals is hard. Vetting candidates, lingo, technical expertise and even translating technical speak to a job description is a near impossible challenge for a HR specialist.
We can translate for you, with recruiters who are also Cyber professionals.
Let the Cyber Experts find your Cyber Talent.