Penetration Testing

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What is Penetration Testing?

Simply put, a penetration test aims to determine your organization's security posture against cybercriminals and hackers, and uncover any unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, alteration of proprietary data, or disruption of business operations.
Penacity goes above and beyond to ensure your organization is braced to thwart and shut-down cyberattacks from your typical script-kiddie to an advanced persistent threat.
Our consultants bring years of experince defending multiple DoD CyberWarfare entities, as well as prestigious private sector organizations.

  • Web Application Testing
  • Social Engineering Campaigns
  • Enforce Company Policy

We specialize in Internal and External Penetration Tests, Web Application Security Tests, Social Engineering Campaigns, and OT Security tests against ICS and SCADA systems.

Discover a new approach to security

Low cost, pay only for what you need, gain peace of mind.

Web Application Testing

Test your in house or vendor web applications.

We identify all issues and vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive plan to fix your issues.

Internal Testing

We provide the most comprehensive vulnerability analysis with our testing methodologies.

Identify and fix systemic issues to keep your company or agency healthy.

Wireless Testing

Identify weakness and issues in your wireless networks before hackers do.

Your wireless network is ground zero for cyber attacks against your company or agency.

Social Engineering Campaigns

Determine how secure your organization is against the weakest element of IT security--the end user.

All campaigns include relevant business-intelligence, metrics, and end-user training to augment employee awareness.

Our cyber defense generates your organization's offense. 

Low cost. Pay only for the hours needed to test your environment.

Creating security for companies through assessment, monitoring and active defense.


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