Founded in Maryland

As a Veteran Owned Small Business, Penacity was created to bring the innovative, cost-effective strategies and customer-centered drive to the government and private sector. Penacity brings decades of cyber operational experience gained through the DoD Cyber Mission Force and private sector.

  • Culture: Penacity was built on the principles of integrity, work ethic, and being an honest broker of information and evaluations. Perhaps most importantly, developing our people is a core cultural tenant.
  • Integrity: Doing the right thing is more than a slogan; action on a daily basis in all things, large or small, is key.
  • Work Ethic: Outperform, outproduce and do so at a high level of quality. We achieve this because we hire only the highest caliber of talent. Penacity cyber operators and professionals have proven themselves in their field both in the commercial sector as well as at the national level. We support them to increase their abilities with continuing education, training, and additional opportunities for advancement or contribution.
  • Honest Evaluation: We will always give the mission partner the information they need to succeed because their success is our success. That means not overselling an ability, timeline or budget beyond what we know we can produce. You can trust our counsel will be accurate and within our scope of capabilities.
  • Development: Our human capital is far more valuable than any other resource. We provide an environment where our people are constantly challenged to improve themselves academically, technically, and to broaden their skills. Penacity prides itself on the ability to craft and develop its personnel from entry-level to masters of their craft. Penacity does this through integrated training, vendors, and at no cost to our mission partners.

Management Team

Dr. Timothy Schilbach

Chief Executive Officer & President

Trayci Koppie

Chief Growth Officer

Phill Nacelli

Chief Technology Officer

Toni Grimsley

Director of Operations & HR

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Our management team is there every step of the way from engagement to onboarding. We handle everything you need so you can concentrate solely on your business.

Creating security for companies through assessment, monitoring and active defense.


7030 Dorsey Rd
Suite 104 
Hanover, MD 21076

Toll: (855) PENACITY
Tel: (443) 837-9550